Lorraine Candy

Lorraine Candy was most recently Editor in Chief of The Sunday Times Style magazine and parenting columnist for The Sunday Times magazine. Before that she was an award winning Editor-in-chief of Elle and Cosmopolitan. She also wrote a playful weekly parenting column for The Daily Mail’s Femail called “I don’t know how I do It” and regularly contributes to The Times, The Guardian, The Mail, The Radio Times, Good Housekeeping and The Sunday Times. She has a large social media following: Twitter 90k, Instagram 45k, Facebook 9k and regularly gives talks on a variety of subjects of interest to women. Lorraine is a respected speaker and has hosted many high-profile events interviewing women live on stage from all walks of life including Melinda Gates and Oprah Winfrey. She is on the media board of the Tate art galleries as well as the global education charity TheirWorld. She is also an ambassador for the charity Women In Sport. Her first book, Mum What’s Wrong With You; 101 Things Only The Mothers of Girls Know was published by 4th Estate in June 2021. She has four children and has been married for over 20 years. Lorraine, 52, is also an enthusiastic open water swimmer and dog lover.

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