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Often falling to the bottom of the busy midlife woman’s to do list, sex and relationships can end up on the back burner at this life stage, where feelings of resentment can simmer. Add to that the loss of libido that can occur during peri-menopause due to fluctuating hormones, as well as physical changes that can have a devastating effect on a woman’s sex life, and it’s no wonder that divorce peaks in this age group. 

Through their conversations with relationship coaches and sexual health therapists, Trish and Lorraine explore the emotional and physical barriers to intimacy that can be hard to break through in the rush of everyday life (especially when an evening on the sofa with a Netflix box set is calling). How to communicate properly with a partner, how to ask for what you want in a relationship, and how to re-establish intimacy in the bedroom are discussed with warmth and sensitivity with therapists such as SuzI Godson.While the physical effects of peri-menopause - vaginal dryness and atrophy -are given the expert treatment in episodes featuring Dr Shahzadi Harper and Dr Paula Briggs. And when a relationship does end, reassuring voices such as writer Rosie Green share their journeys from heartbreak to happiness.

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