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Confidence comes from feeling and looking great in midlife. As women embark on this new chapter they often review their fashion and beauty decisions: but with so much choice on offer how do you decide what will work for you today? This is where Lorraine Candy and Trish Halpin come in. Between them the duo have edited every fashion and beauty glossy on the UK newsstands, so their expertise is invaluable. And with access to the best experts in the business, there’s no styling, make-up, skincare, shopping or beauty treatment question they can’t answer.

Their philosophy is not about looking younger, or anti-ageing, it’s about ageing better: from the jeans brands to try as your body shape changes, to the skincare that really works on menopausal skin. With honest, funny and super helpful advice from women who are on the fashion and beauty frontline, such as Bobbi Brown, Trinny Woodall, and Caroline Hirons, Postcards From Midlife is the only place you will find such authority alongside unrivalled access to the new products aimed at 40+ women. 

Inclusivity is a priority for Lorraine and Trish, who are committed to offering advice for everyone including women of colour and discuss specific skin and hair issues with experts such as Karen Cummings Palmer and Ateh Jewel. Creating a new look in midlife can be a joyous experience if you have the right guidance. It’s all part of your magnificent second act.

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