Midlife Transitions

Entering our forties and fifties is not just a time of physical change, life in general can be in flux too. Midlife is often the stage in which women reflect on the choices they’ve made so far - career, partner, life goals, ambitions, health - and begin to rethink their purpose and values too. What does success look like for them now? Who or what makes them truly happy? Has their relationship run its course? How do they want the next phase of their life to play out? They are also as likely to be caring for elderly parents with the huge responsibility of making decisions about their health and wellbeing, alongside parenting their own teenagers.

As Generation X hit the middle years, they’re tearing up the rule book and reframing society’s expectations of what it is to be a woman right now. Perhaps they’re like TV presenter Anna Richardson, who have moved on from heart-breaking loss, found love where they least expected to, and want to focus on a well-lived and exciting second act. It can be a time to make new and surprising choices.

In life-affirming conversations, guests also reveal the changes they least expected - from writer Caitlin Moran finally falling for yoga, to Sadie Frost relishing her empty nest and taking on new creative projects after raising four children. Having the experience and resilience to adapt to change and being open to new possibilities are a midlife woman’s secret weapons!

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