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From weight gain to hair loss and adult acne, Lorraine Candy and Trish Halpin explore every aspect of midlife wellbeing, as well as tackling the question they’re most frequently asked: How can I get more sleep? As women experience the hormone fluctuations associated with peri-menopause and finally menopause, their bodies change and symptoms can affect every area of their life. It’s a confusing time, but by sharing their own personal experiences and interviewing health and wellbeing experts, Trish and Lorraine tackle all these dilemmas, offering support and practical solutions in every episode. 

Relying on the latest research and science behind changes in health during midlife, they recommend evidence-based practises across nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, insomnia, skin problems, weight gain or loss, anxiety, depression and sleep hygiene. Experts such as sleep psychologist Kathryn Pinkham and Chinese Medicine practitioner Katie Brindle share their own midlife journeys too, and how they have personally alleviated symptoms to boost their health and wellbeing. 

Because many midlife women prioritise the wellness of those around them- partners, children, ageing parents - over themselves, Lorraine and Trish are making it their mission to change this mindset and ensure their listeners have the knowledge, tools and services they need to be happy, healthy, fit and confident. They handpick and try out new techniques to explore for midlife women as well as enlisting the help of renowned therapists like Julia Samuel and nutritionists like Jane Clarke, who share their valuable knowledge on how to set boundaries, shift mindsets and discover shortcuts to healthy living.

The mind and body are entwined and this relationship comes under heavy fire during midlife, armed with the right facts women can enjoy a whole new glow as they enter this second stage of life. 

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