From rows over messy bedrooms to how to feed your teens well, Lorraine and Trish, who have five teens between them, explore all the brilliant and not so brilliant aspects of parenting adolescents during this stage of life.Everyone’s hormones are fluctuating and the house can sometimes feel like a warzone as midlife mums navigate the teenage years - the podcast quizzes experts in teen mental health as well as guests who are mothering teens themselves for tips, tricks and advice on how to have a more harmonious home life. They investigate how to talk to teens about everything from sleep patterns to friendship worries and empower listeners to set realistic boundaries. Experts like the parenting guru Phillipa Perry, psychotherapist Alicia Drummond of the support service Teen Tips and Suzi Godson of the teen app MeeTwo explain all aspects of. teenage life, including the most difficult subjects too, like drink, drugs and sexual intimacy. With celebrity guests such as TV presenter Beverley Turner, writer Caitlin Moran and author Amanda Prowse, Trish and Lorraine carefully explore the personal stories of families managing life at home with teens, whether that’s coping in a single parent household, eating disorders or depression in their children. Mothers who have made it through the other side, keeping careers on the go and conquering empty nest syndrome on the way join the discussion too. And not forgetting all the weird and wonderful ways teenagers make life on the domestic front ever more colourful.

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